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What they are saying

"Murray's passion and love for the BEES shines through his explanations and his focus never steers away from what is best for the BEES.​​​​​ He was more than helpful with advising me to the best way to go about getting my first hive." ​Kilmore Beekeeper George
​"Murray has been our 'bee mentor' every step of the way. His advice is always easy to understand, practical and delivered with his characteristic good humour and care.
As a result we have harvested enough honey to sell and share with family and friends, and our
fruit trees and veggie garden have been turbo charged by the work of our busy buzzers.We have got the bug!"  Montmorency Beekeepers Colin & Jane
Eltham Honey

Pure Raw Honey

Straight from the bees to you

Local Eltham honey, cold-filtered in recycled glass jars.
Pure deliciousness.

Example sizes:

  • 400g $10

  • 700g $17.50

  • 1kg $25

Pickup from Hillcrest Rd Eltham North

Backyard Beekeeper Mentoring Services

Hive Management

Backyard Bee Success

Hive installation
Practical instruction
Servicing & Inspections
Seasonal ManagementBeekeeping for Beginners

Eltham and Surrounding suburbs

  • Initial fee: $125 up to 90 minutes

  • For longer Service: additional $30 per 30 min

Murray can advise you of travel costs to other areas.

Nucleus Beehive

Bees for your hive

Populate your bee box

Our bees are excellent to handle, highly productive and have a very low swarming impulse. They are ideal for backyard beekeeping.

We supply 5 frames of bees (a Nucleus) for your 8 frame box, with a pure bred, this-season Italian Queen. Bees are supplied with 5 wired waxed frames.

When you buy bees from us, you receive support and advice.

​Pickup is from Hillcrest Rd Eltham North.

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About us

Murray Lazenby

Murray Lazenby works as a professional beekeeper servicing client hives and growing and selling bees. Honey production and safe, effective bee handling and hive technique are the priority for Beelife Beekeeping. We have hives in Eltham and country Victoria.


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